Our Approach

Our experience and lean deal team structure enable us to personally engage with our clients and move quickly to get your deal done.

Veterinary Real Estate

We focus on acquiring veterinary and equine properties leased to tenants with reliable cash flow and longer term lease durations. If you are interested in selling your veterinary or equine property, we are interested in hearing from you.

Investment Criteria

Multi-Family Acquisitions

We focus on small to middle market real estate investments in the multifamily and mixed-use space. We specialize in asset appreciation through rehabilitation and active management of properties.

Investment Criteria

Mezzanine Lending

We loan to real estate owners and investors to meet their rehabilitation and management needs. We specialize in custom deal structures.

Investment Criteria

Leading with expertise, discipline, vision.

Gaea is a member of the Aspen Capital group. Aspen Capital has over two decades of expertise experience in mortgage lending, and investing in distressed securities, and residential and commercial real estate.

Our expertise, access to institutional capital and lean deal team structure allow us to move quickly and overcome obstacles.

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